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TwistedTeam consists of Leuvsion and HitmanN, two aspiring game developers that decided to collaborate on game projects. Our main focus is currently on iPhone and iPad games, but also have plans for PC titles. We hope you enjoy our games and would love to hear feedback, so that we can improve our games in future!

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Twisted Fates

Twisted Fates LITE
(demo) (iPhone)

Cora-Bolt Limited Edition

Our current products
January 01, 2011

Twisted Fates
Twisted Fates was unavailable for a short period, but it should now be available again. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please note that the sales price has changed to $1.99. Old customers can still download the full version normally. A small update is also under work.

Twisted Fates LITE
Not sure if Twisted Fates would be to your liking? Try the demo version, titled Twisted Fates LITE. It's available for free in the store, and allows playing through introduction and six levels.

Cora-Bolt Limited Edition
The mini-game bundled with Twisted Fates is now available separately, for free. Control Cora as she runs over roofs, avoiding falling and colliding with stuff. This product may not be available for long, so get it while you can.

Development News
Our two main projects currently are Twisted Arena for iPhone, and Twisted Tower for PC. Still in early development, more news will be posted later on. Leuvsion is also looking into expanding development for Android and Symbian platforms. Old titles won't be ported to other platforms however, but we hope to have multi-platform games for mobiles in future.
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TwistedTeam name, logo and website and products are Leuvsion and HitmanN