Twisted Fates

Three girls end up in a world unlike our own. Surrounded by strange creatures and odd locals, their only salvation is their...

Water guns!

Luckily water is a powerful element in this strange land, and just the thing they happen to be in possession of. Their objective now is to find a way back home, but before them stands a foe shrouded in darkness, terrorizing the local population.

Are the girls fated to face this dark being in order to get back home?

What is Twisted Fates

Twisted Fates is the first installment in a series of games in the fantasy world of Evan. Featuring platforming action, with a hint of puzzle solving, exploration and RPG elements mixed in.

Twisted Fates is available for:

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • The full version of Twisted Fates is available for purchase at iTunes / Apple App Store, and you get access to versions for all three supported devices. Want to try the game before buying? A LITE demo version is also available!

    Screenshots (iPhone version)


    35 levels of platforming, action, item searching, exploration, sneaking...
    Three playable characters, and more to unlock
    Unique statistics and special attack for each character
    Defeat enemies to improve characters and their weapons with experience points and water orbs
    16 types of enemies, ranging from puny slimes to formidable beings
    Three level themes, plus several unique places to explore
    Variable weather effects that may affect things
    OpenFeint achievements to unlock
    Two mini-games
    20 optional challenges/quests with more unlockable features and bonuses as rewards.
    Twisted Fates is Twisted Team
    Programming by: leuvsion     Graphics & website by: HitmanN
    Music is Jon Adamich